Why partner with UVic?

School children participate in the final planting of a new rainwater system and rain garden at the Oak and Orca Bioregional School. This project was made possible thanks to a partnership between UVic and the community to help teach students about the importance of rainwater management.

At UVic, we’re widely recognized for leadership in research, inspired teaching and community engagement. Research partnerships mobilize knowledge for the benefit of the community.

Our partnerships have resulted in tool creation, policy change, greater public awareness and effective solutions to the world's local and global challenges.

Sharing our expertise

Researchers at UVic are leaders in their fields, renowned for innovative research and advanced discoveries.

Our researchers were awarded more than $100 million in external research grants and contracts in 2018/19. UVic is one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities, with faculty committed to sharing their ideas, innovations and expertise with research partners.

UVic is home to the world-leading Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) observatory, the UVic-Genome BC Proteomics Centre, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS), CanAssist and many other cutting edge research centres.

UVic owns more technology transfer space than any other BC university. The UVic-owned Vancouver Island Technology Park (VITP) is an economic powerhouse for the province of BC, generating $317 million in direct, indirect and induced revenue and creating more than 2,000 local jobs. A highly acclaimed centre of academic and biotech excellence, VITP facilitates the local growth of high technology, which is already Victoria’s number one industry.

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How you'll benefit

Research partnerships produce knowledge and products that are valuable assets for both academia and the public interest.

Some reasons to form partnerships with community, government and industrial partners during the course of a research project:

  • Expertise: private and public-sector partners can offer guidance and advice to ensure the project outcomes meet the needs of the intended community or market
  • Improved study and instrument design: stakeholder input can produce user friendly and culturally sensitive practices and measures
  • Funding and in-kind support: more and more grants require co-funding or letters of support and some partners can offer cash or valuable in-kind contributions to help secure project funding
  • Facilities: partners may be able to offer access to cutting-edge equipment, facilities and collaborators

Funding incentives

Many of Canada’s major research funding agencies offer incentives for not-for-profit and for profit organizations to work with academic researchers. These programs offer a chance for organizations to leverage their research budgets, all while accessing some of the brightest minds in research.

Our staff have extensive experience helping partners increase their leveraging ability by finding matching funds and supplemental grants. Some funding programs require cash or in-kind matching contributions from partners, while others require no cash contribution from partners.

Examples of these programs include:

Find a research partner

Interested in exploring a research idea or question? Whether you’re a community or industry organization, or a UVic student or faculty member looking to collaborate, tell us about your research idea and we will try to help connect you to the right people to move your project forward.