Why research partnerships?

There are many reasons to form partnerships with community, government and industrial partners during the course of a research project, including:

  • Mutual benefit: research partnerships produce knowledge and products that are valuable assets for both academia and the public interest
  • Expertise: private and public-sector partners can offer guidance and advice to ensure your project outcomes meet the needs of the intended community or market
  • Improved study and instrument design: stakeholder input can produce user friendly and culturally sensitive practices and measures
  • Funding and in-kind support: more and more grants require co-funding or letters of support and some partners can offer cash or valuable in-kind contributions to help secure project funding
  • Facilities: partners may be able to offer access to cutting-edge equipment, facilities and collaborators.

Partnership services at UVic

We will work with you to identify potential partners for your research project, and provide advice and guidance as your partnership moves forward.

How can I find a research partner?

Interested in exploring a research idea or question? Whether you’re a community or industry organization, or a UVic student or faculty member looking to collaborate, tell us about your research idea and we will try to help connect you to the right people to move your project forward.