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Collaborative discovery for social innovation

We'll work with you to identify potential partners for your research project, and provide advice and guidance as your partnership moves forward.

Our service areas

Community partnerships

Connect with UVic researchers and students. Together, we can develop practical solutions for your important questions.

We can help:

  • connect you with the right people for your idea or project
  • provide information about funding and grant opportunities
  • develop written agreements and assist with project planning for strong partnerships
  • clarify regulatory requirements including ethics applications
  • explore ways to communicate your project results
  • How can we help you?
  • How do community partnerships work?

Contact Community Partnerships for more information.

Industry partnerships

Collaboration with industry plays a key role in advancing new technologies and accelerating the advancement of academic research. Industry engagement results in strong mutual benefits; industry partners can help guide early-stage research into commercially viable ventures and UVic researchers can provide the essential expertise in technology research and development.

Our services include:

  • evaluation and commercial pathway assessment of UVic inventions
  • help with intellectual property protection (e.g. patent, trademark, etc.)
  • marketing innovations and expertise to potential industry partners
  • support for prototype development and field-demonstration funding opportunities
  • access to Entrepreneurship@ program sponsored by the British Columbia Innovation Council
  • access to investment capital through our Greater Victoria Angel Network

Contact Industry Partnerships for more information.

Research agreements

We coordinate the development, review, negotiation, and finalization of research contracts and agreements.

Our Research Agreements staff assist UVic researchers with a wide range of funded and non-funded agreements. Our review process ensures that agreements adhere to UVic research policies, including the Signing Authority Policy.

Our services include:

  • information about UVic policies relating to research contracts and agreements
  • information about UVic’s standard contract terms and conditions
  • drafting agreements and amendments
  • coordinating institutional review of agreements drafted by a partner organization
  • obtaining appropriate signatures for the contract
  • working with Research Accounting to administer research funding contracts
  • working with Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization to meet contractual obligations for protection or commercialization of intellectual property
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Contact Research Agreements for more information.

Find a research partner

Interested in exploring a research idea or question?

Whether you’re a community or industry organization, or a UVic student or faculty member looking to collaborate, tell us about your research idea and we'll try to connect you to the right people to move your project forward.