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A research snapshot is a summary of an article that quickly brings you up to speed with some of the latest research here at the University of Victoria. Explore the research snapshots below to find out how research at UVic is making your world better and brighter.

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3 key approaches to an LGBTQ+ inclusive child welfare breathrough

Rainbow youth stock image.

Did you know that LGBTQ+ youth are more likely to become depressed, suicidal, or homeless?

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How do we teach children about sexual health?

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51% of victims of violence by sexual partners are 15-19. How can we teach children to treat partners better?

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Traditional decision-making for Indigenous child welfare

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In 2016, 62% of the children in BC's foster care were Indigenous. How can traditional Indigenous practices improve child welfare?

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How to overcome obstacles to complete training in child welfare

Someone writes a test.

What if your therapist told you they had almost completed their certification? This research looks at barriers to training completion and how to fix them

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How can collaborating on child welfare empower Indigenous Communities?

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What can we do when policies miss the mark, leaving real-world problems unsolved? Respectful collaboration on Indigenous child care is key.

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Wanted: better access to therapy for rural special needs kids

A family plays by the sea.

If you have a child with special needs in a remote place, getting your child therapy is difficult. How could this change?

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Social work in the digital age: secure tech tools for social good

Tablet stock image

What if social workers could spend more time on vital outreach by using mobile tech like tablets?

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Space for foster kids in residential homes: can technology help?

A clean room with a bed.

Many foster kids coming and going from residential homes makes tracking available space a challenge. Can tech help?

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