Research Snapshots

A research snapshot is a summary of an article that quickly brings you up to speed with some of the latest research here at the University of Victoria. Explore the research snapshots below to find out how research at UVic is making your world better and brighter.

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What four questions should FASD researchers be asking?

Jacquelyn Boychuk presents research.

There are over 37,800 cases of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Canada. Do we know enough about the context of FASD?

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How do we screen for healthy development in foster kids?

Researchers Caldwell and Nauta present their finds to MCFD.

Spotting developmental delays early on is crucial for foster kids. So how can we make sure it's done right?

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Babies in foster care

Baby gets foot rub.

How do we provide the best care for babies with prenatal substance exposure in foster care?

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Raising involvement in Vancouver's 2018 Election

Vote cards for Vancouver 2018 municipal election.

Outreach helped raise the percentage of Vancouver voters by 12.4% in 2014. How can we increase voters again?

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What can you learn from Indigenous cultural training?

Researchers Nadia Salman and Jane Buchanan present their finds to MCFD.

Looking at the results of learning about colonialism, residential schools, and intergenerational trauma.

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Nurturing Indigenous families through child welfare

Researcher Paulina Gornicki presents findings to MCFD.

Indigenous kids are 15 times more likely to end up in foster care. Can early intervention change this?

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