Service agreements

Often called fee-for-service work, services agreements and contracts govern activities where a sponsor is purchasing UVic services (such as researcher time, expertise, access to specialized tools/equipment, etc.).

Research service agreements

Research services agreements involve a researcher defining a research plan to address a specific issue identified by the sponsor.

The sponsor typically owns reports or other deliverables, with the university and researcher retaining rights to the methodology (including any improvements to methodology made or discovered in the course of providing the service) and to use the work for research or academic purposes.

Technical services agreements 

Technical services agreements involve arrangements where researchers perform testing or analysis of materials owned by the sponsor (using an established methodology/system) and do not anticipate any intellectual discoveries in the process.

The sponsor would typically own the findings or results of the analysis but not gain any rights to use the background methodology/system used to perform the work; as the work is not expected to generate new discoveries or inventions the university andresearcher would typically not have any rights to publish or otherwise use findings.

Some types of technical services do not fall within UVic’s definition of research and are therefore not governed by UVic research-specific policies and procedures (but are still subject to UVic’s other policies and procedures).

Requests for contracts for technical services that do not involve research will be referred by ORS contracts staff to the UVic Office of General Counsel.

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