Research agreements

Our team will assist with the development of required agreements that will protect your research. 

Our services

  • Information about UVic policies relating to research contracts and agreements
  • Information about UVic’s standard contract terms and conditions
  • Drafting agreements and amendments
  • Coordinating institutional review of agreements drafted by a partner organization
  • Obtaining appropriate signatures for the contract
  • Working with Research Accounting to administer research funding contracts
  • Working with Research Partnerships to meet contractual requirments for protection or commercialization of intellectual property

Connect with the research contracts team

New Inquires:

Contracts Facilitator Assistant
Phone: 250-472-5670

Research Agreements Facilitator
Phone: 250-721-8125

, Research Agreements Facilitator
Phone: 250-721-6095

, Research Agreements Facilitator
Phone: 250-472-5372

UVic’s intellectual property policy

UVic's intellectual property policy is a “creator-owned” policy designed to promote a supportive climate for the development of IP and the provision of services based upon mutually beneficial partnerships that respect the interests of researchers and industry, the university, and the wider community.