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A research snapshot is a summary of an article that quickly brings you up to speed with some of the latest research here at the University of Victoria. Explore the research snapshots below to find out how research at UVic is making your world better and brighter.

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Parenting adopted children through adolescence

In BC, many adoptees are adopted prior to adolescence and experience pre-adoption issues that may manifest differently or resurge during adolescence. These issues intersect with common adolescent issues such as identity formation, peer relationships, dating and negotiating more independence. Adoptive parents may be unprepared for the possible exacerbation of issues that emerge for adoptees during adolescence.
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The lived experiences of Indigenous grandparents raising their grandchildren

Indigenous grandparent caregivers represent an important part of their grandchildren's cultural upbringing. Supporting Indigenous grandparents in the care of their grandchildren is of benefit to the grandparents, the grandchildren, and the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), as it keeps children safe, well-cared for, and connected to their communities.
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Violence against women

Exploring the lived experience of survivors with intimate partner violence-related traumatic brain injury

According to Valera and Berenbaum’s 2003 study of 99 women who have a history of intimate partner violence (IPV), 75% have experienced one IPV-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) and 50% have sustained multiple IPV-related TBIs. This research examined the experiences of women survivors of IPV-related TBI including; identifying characteristics of abuse, disclosure of IPV to professionals, invisible barriers in everyday living and stigma of invisibility of a TBI, and suggestions for new and improved services.
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Sex work laws and reform: the voices of Canadian sex workers

Sex work regulation is controversial in many countries. Sex workers are typically left out of decision- and policy-making, despite their in-depth knowledge based on personal experiences that can inform the laws that significantly impact their livelihoods. This research shows that a criminalization framework presents many challenges for sex workers and that decriminalization is favoured by most of the study participants, however, some also see personal financial drawbacks in regulating their industry.
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First Nation involvement in renewable energy projects in BC

First Nations in BC are participating in diverse and sustainable renewable energy projects and are interested in expanding their involvement. First Nations are using renewable energy projects to achieve economic, social, political, and environmental objectives. However, barriers, such as a lack of financing and community readiness, make it difficult for them to expand their participation in the industry.
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Transitioning from high school to post-secondary and the working world in a rural community

Young adults living in rural communities can face unique social and economic challenges when moving from high school to post-secondary and the working world. However, community and family encouragement and positive and hopeful outlooks and attitudes can support young peoples’ pathways. Goal planning and career development resources can support the transition.
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What are the impacts of civil society in Greater Victoria?

Within Greater Victoria, there are over 1,000 civil society organizations, also referred to as registered charities, delivering services and programs to citizens. Limited research has illustrated this sector’s social and economic impacts. The researchers found that the economic activity of registered charities in Greater Victoria is over $4 billion and social impacts align with a range of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
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Read Research Snapshots featuring the multidisciplinary research conducted by graduate students as part of the GS 505 course. Facilitated by UVic Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization, GS 505 is a partnership between MCFD and UVic. To learn more about GS 505, read this web feature


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