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A research snapshot is a summary of an article that quickly brings you up to speed with some of the latest research here at the University of Victoria. Explore these research snapshots to find out how research at UVic is making your world better and brighter.

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Canadians inherit a Landscape of Injustice

Can you imagine someone taking your home, all your possessions, and your freedom? In 1942, Canada forcibly removed and interned 21,460 Japanese Canadians from British Columbia (BC). They could bring only what they could carry. Officials promised to protect the rest. Instead, Japanese Canadians were dispossessed: everything was stolen or sold.

This chapter of a book on the dispossession focuses on 1,700 parcels of real estate sold without the consent of Japanese Canadian owners.
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Photo: Nikkei National Museum, 2013. (with permission).

Enacting curriculum “in a good way”: Indigenous knowledge, pedagogy, and worldview in British Columbia music education classes

In 2015, the British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Education mandated that local Indigenous knowledge, pedagogies, and worldviews be embedded in all subject curriculum documents from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Nevertheless, BC educators, and more specifically music educators, have expressed a lack of confidence to embrace Indigenous principles in the classroom due to a fear of potentially misrepresenting Indigenous cultures.
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Photo credit: Beth Tuinstra (with permission).

Is research on patient portals attuned to health equity?

This scoping review examined how research on patient portals addresses health equity. “Health equity” means that people get the health care and resources needed to support their health, and are not disadvantaged because of socio-economic factors (e.g., gender, race, ethnicity, income, etc.). The main focus on barriers in patient portal research may be unintentionally placing responsibility with the patient populations already experiencing the most health inequities.
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Photo credit: UVic Photo Services.

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