Meeting ocean-climate challenges

UVic’s Ocean Networks Canada operates the world’s most advanced ocean observatories off BC and in the Arctic for the advancement of science and the benefit of Canada.

Geographers in UVic’s Tree Ring Lab use the growth rings of ancient trees to track BC’s climate over thousands of years.

Ongoing research by chemical oceanographer Roberta Hamme sheds light on the critical link between the ocean and climate change.

Geographer David Atkinson taps into the insights of northern residents on Arctic and coastal change.

Sybil Seitzinger, an international expert on the causes of environmental change, heads the UVic-led Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions as it develops ways to help us mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Mechanical engineer Zuomin Dong, seen here collecting data from a hybrid electric ferry, is a member of UVic’s Institute for Integrated Energy Systems, which is a world leader in the development of clean energy technologies.

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Leading the way

To understand, predict and prepare for the effects of global ocean and climate change requires the collaboration of experts from many fields and sectors to create new knowledge, identify partnership opportunities, and find innovative technological and policy solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

UVic researchers are international leaders in ocean science and technology, climate science and clean energy systems. Many of them are associated with a number of world-leading oceans and climate facilities, institutes and government research labs situated on campus.

Our integrated research network is generating the critical knowledge that Canada needs to take action on climate change mitigation and adaptation, and on sustainable ocean management.

Meet some of our ocean and climate researchers

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