Physical sciences and engineering, mathematics and computer science

By analyzing the chemistry of stars of different ages, astronomer Kim Venn (right) is learning more about how the universe formed and evolved—helping to answer the question of how we came into being.

Electrical and computer engineer Reuven Gordon looks for innovative ways to “squeeze” light at the nanoscale—the invisible molecular level—for application in a areas such as cancer detection, virus manipulation and solar energy conversion.

Particle physicist Dean Karlen is the lead scientist for ARIEL, a new state-of-the art accelerator facility at Vancouver-based TRIUMF, which is co-managed by UVic as Canada’s national research laboratory for particle and nuclear physics.

Working closely with industry, community partners and other groups on campus, computer scientist Yvonne Coady is transforming the way software developers and users tap into the power of the internet.

Statistician Farouk Nathoo develops new models and computational methods for processing huge medical datasets, particularly those related to 3D imaging.

Thinking big—and small

Some of the most profound questions in science are about the nature of matter. What is it made of? What holds it together? Can we alter it to create new types of matter and materials?

The answers lie in the depths of inner and outer space. Whether they’re probing the behaviour of subatomic particles, scanning the universe for distant stars and galaxies, using mathematics to explain our complex world, or creating new molecules and materials, UVic scientists and engineers are world leaders in the quest for answers.

Nanotechnology, spintronics, photonics, supramolecular design, advanced crystal growth, and advanced microscopy—these are among the technologies used by our researchers to develop new materials for applications as diverse as health care, electronics, manufacturing, and environmental monitoring and remediation.

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