Zhou, Min

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 472-4714
Email: minzhou@uvic.ca
Department: Sociology

Research description:

- Globalization
- Transnational, political and economic sociology
- Social network analysis
- Quantitative methods
- East Asian societies
- The institutionalization of global norms and governance
- Transformations of global market networks

Expertise Profile
Sociologist Min Zhou takes a unique perspective when analyzing trade, global norms and East Asia relations - research areas traditionally seen as purely economic, political or international.

In one stream, Dr. Zhou examines the structure and evolution of global economic networks, such as international trade, using a social network point of view.

He finds that countries become trading partners in the way people befriend each other - not simply based on economic pros and cons but because of some shared commonality, such as historical ties and cultural affinity.

Another area of his research digs into why governments support global institutions, such as the UN, that fight for global norms, such as human rights and environmental protection, despite conflicting agendas.

Through these discoveries, Dr. Zhou wants people to be aware that the relationship between international trading partners, or between the state and global institutions, is more sociologically complex than what it appears to be.

More recently, Dr. Zhou has been investigating how the involvement of ordinary citizens affects the turbulent China-Japan relationship. He finds that public opinions through street demonstrations and anti-Japan movements in China shape the foreign policies China and Japan have toward each other.

By analyzing this issue from the bottom-up rather than from the governmental level, Dr. Zhou is demystifying the assumptions people may have toward two of Canada's major trading partners, both academically and in his classes.

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Countries lived or worked in:

Dr. Zhou has lived and worked in China and the U.S.


Chinese, Japanese

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