Young, James



Phone number: (250) 721-7509
Department: Philosophy

Research description:

- Investigation of the aesthetic and moral issues raised by cultural appropriation
- Relativism about the truth values of aesthetic judgements
- Critique of deflationary theories of truth
- Ontological questions raised by reflection on the arts
Expertise Profile
How do you argue the quality of Beethoven over Justin Beiber?

This is one question Dr. James Young, professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Victoria, works to answer.

Of particular interest to Dr. Young are the philosophy and ethics of art, of music and of language.

His work on the nature of aesthetic judgement argues that there are aesthetic facts - like the quality of Beethoven over Beiber - that overcome whether or not a piece of art or music is well liked.

Dr. Young has also written extensively on the moral issues involved in cultural appropriation, which is when a cultural practice or artifact is adopted by a different cultural group.

Of specific interest to Dr. Young is the appropriation of First Nations works in Canada, including painting, sculpture and writing, by non First Nations artists.

To a greater extent than some philosophers, Dr. Young draws on empirical facts in his writing. He recently finished a book on the emotion inherent in music, drawing on what some psychologists say about music to develop his argument.

Dr. Young passes on to his students his own fascination with philosophy - which he asserts is at the root of all disciplines.

Countries lived or worked in:

Australia, U.K., U.S.A.

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