Woodin, Erica

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-8590
Email: ewoodin@uvic.ca
Department: Psychology

Research description:

- Domestic violence and substance use in close relationships
- The causes and consequences of verbal conflict and physical aggression
- The impact of harmful behaviours on individual, couple, and child functioning
- Effectiveness of treatment efforts to reduce aggressive behaviours
- Use of prevention efforts to avert partner aggression in adolescence and early adulthood
- Links between partner aggression and substance abuse

Expertise Profile
Dr. Erica Woodin studies intimate relationships and the things that damage them, specifically domestic violence and substance abuse.

As a research affiliate with the Centre for Addictions Research BC and the director of UVic's Couples and Families Lab, Dr. Woodin helps partners cope with the stresses associated with becoming parents for the first time.

Collaborating with departmental colleague Ulrich Mueller on the transition from partners to parents, Dr. Woodin is following local couples in their third trimester of pregnancy over one, two and four years.

Her goal is to look for patterns of aggressive behaviour and identify which couples are at higher risk for problems in their relationships.

"Awareness is critical for these couples who don't always realize they're fighting," she says.

Dr. Woodin adds that pregnancy is an opportunity for partners to accommodate change in their relationship. Her work can inform the way mental health practitioners, nurses and maternity doctors support their community.

Before her career at UVic, Dr. Woodin worked with university couples where partners were at high risk of physical aggression using a model specifically designed for people with alcohol abuse. Motivational interviewing, where partners talked through their goals for changing their behaviour, reduced the levels of physical aggression for up to nine months after the counselling stage.

In the Department of Psychology, where she teaches, Dr. Woodin uses her background as a clinical psychologist to shape student's understanding of how mental health issues can affect healthy relationships and how intimate relationships in turn, can impact individual health.

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Health related research:

Dr. Woodin's research has applications for the mental and physical health of couples and their children.

Countries lived or worked in:

Dr. Woodin has lived/worked in the United States.

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