Wolfe, Richard


Phone number: (250) 853-3870
Email: rwolfe@uvic.ca
Department: Business

Research description:

- Business strategy
- Sport management
- Determinants of organizational performance and success
- Innovation and competitive advantage
- Intercollegiate athletics

Expertise Profile
If you want to understand how businesses work, turn to sports.

Dr. Richard Wolfe is a professor of business strategy in the Gustavson School of Business, where he uses sport as a context to understand organizational behaviour.

"Sport is a powerful social phenomenon that mirrors life in many ways," he says.

Leadership, teamwork, communication and strategy are just some of the phenomena that play out in both sports teams and business organizations, he adds.

More specifically, Dr. Wolfe investigates the factors that contribute to an organization being innovative and competitive and, thus, the factors that determine an organization's long term success.

He believes the Gustavson School of Business is an example of an innovative organization, with its unique program specializations that make it hard for larger business schools to imitate.

Dr. Wolfe likes to arm his students with good theoretical knowledge, the kind that provides them with the where-with-all to make informed, pragmatic decisions.

A specific focus of his research addresses the positives and negatives of athletic programs in universities, particularly, the question of whether academic excellence must be sacrificed in favour of athletic success.

"A problem with college athletics is that some high school students believe they can become athletes in university and don't have to worry about their studies," he says.

Dr. Wolfe's research can help find sustainable solutions to the challenges of intercollegiate athletics and of related societal challenges.

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