Walde, Paul

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-8010
Email: pwalde@uvic.ca
Department: Visual Arts

Research description:

- Extended media practices in the Visual Arts
- Sound art
- Public art
- Event-based curatorial projects
- Climate change

Expertise Profile
Art can be useful to anyone, says visual artist and composer Paul Walde. It's a way of thinking and problem-solving.

Prof. Walde sees visual arts as a creative inquiry that allows anyone to study a topic they're interested in. He is specifically interested in environmental issues, the relationship between landscape and culture, and the neuroscience of creativity using multi-media platforms such as video, painting, photography, sculpture and audio.

Prof. Walde goes against traditional forms of representing landscape. One of his most ambitious projects to date is Requiem for a Glacier, a sound performance featuring 100 orchestra and crew members physically set on the Farnham Glacier in Kootenay, BC. Prof. Walde wrote the composition and documented the production as part of an artwork that among other things, raises awareness of the impact of human-influenced global warming and rural land use.

When creating artistic projects or when instructing his students, Prof. Walde stresses the creative process more than the result.

Because of the expansive nature of his field, he creates open-ended projects for his students to work with so they can find their artistic voices. The new techniques and perspectives he gains from his ongoing research projects find their way into his classes.

Ultimately, Prof. Walde believes art can get people to think differently about the world even if it can sometimes take years for society to fully understand a new idea.

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Countries lived or worked in:

Walde has lived/worked in the United States.

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