Vahabpour Roudsari, Abdollah



Phone number: (250) 721-8578
Department: School of Health Information Science

Research description:

- Electronic healthcare
- Telecare and e-health
- Advanced and intelligent support systems
- Electronic Patient Records

Expertise Profile
How can health care be safer and more effective for patients being treated at home?

This is a key question for health information scientist, Abdul Roudsari, who specializes in telecare and electronic health.

He's developing intelligent support systems to help manage elderly or chronically-ill patients at home - technologies that collect data from the patients and transfer that information to the clinicians who support them.

For example, blood glucose sensors for diabetics are now equipped with timestamps to help patients plan their next medication. Because all the information is recorded electronically, clinicians can make decisions based on evidence; they can assess whether a drug is effective, if the dosage should be changed, or whether another drug would be more appropriate.

Having access to their own health records allows patients to participate more actively in their own health care, says Dr. Roudsari. This helps reduce the frequency and costs of hospital re-admissions.

Dr. Roudsari is looking for better ways of storing all the patient information being recorded by the minute, and how electronic patient records can be seamlessly shared and interpreted among different health care providers.

"Technology has been embedded in our medical system for the past few decades," he says. "We need to be ready for the tsunami of health data being collected and how to use it to its best effect."

Dr. Roudsari, who is also director of UVic's School of Health Information Science, introduces publications and datasets from his research to explain the advantages of an evidence-based medical system in his lectures.

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Health related research:

Dr. Roudsari works in the areas of telecare and e-health. He is also conducting research on advanced and intelligent systems for extracting, processing and interpreting data from Electronic Patient Records and from patients in the community.

International research:

Dr. Roudsari was involved in a range of research projects concerned with the provision of decision support systems to diabetic patients.

Countries lived or worked in:

Dr. Roudsari has lived and worked in London, U.K.

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