Tory, Melanie

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 472-5798
Department: Computer Science

Research description:

My research is in the areas of human-computer interaction, visualization, and computer-supported cooperative work. I design and evaluate visualization and interaction techniques that allow people to effectively analyze data and make decisions. I am particularly interested in designing visualization techniques based on human perceptual capabilities, as well as designing for multiple co-located users (collaborative visualization).

Computer graphics, 3D; Human information processing; Human-coputer interaction; Human-computer interfaces; Informatics; Information processing; Information systems design; Information technology and work; Information visualization; Perception; Psychology; Qualitative DATA analysis; Qualitative methods; Software and development; Visualization
Ph.D. (Simon Fraser)

Health related research:

I design visualization techniques for medical imaging and other types of health data.

Software development

Much of my research involves developing software visualization tools.

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