Szakacs, Ajtony Csaba


Phone number: (250) 721-7921
Department: Music

Research description:

- Music
- Music theatre
- Orchestral music
- Ensemble music

Expertise Profile
Ajtony Csaba can't imagine his life without music.

As a composer, conductor and performer, Csaba explores how the practice of music changes from traditional settings such as orchestras to improvised and unusual settings such as caves, restaurants or on a ferry.

Csaba is the music director for UVic's Symphony Orchestra in the Faculty of Fine Arts. His expertise focuses on contemporary music performance, music theatre and music dramaturgy.

These concentrations allow him to transform pure music events such as concerts into more engaging, more visually appealing spectacles, much like the opera he wrote in 2005, which involved three singers, nine dancers and live visuals and electronics.

To create such set-ups, Csaba constantly searches for freshness in his material. One of the interesting things he captures when listening to a piece is the cultural expression ― or signature ― that oozes into an original track when re-interpreted.

"When people perform, they are performing in the now," he says to his students, who play from their own perspective of the world.

Although Csaba's research looks at reassessing conventions and exploring improvised possibilities, if his work can open eyes and ears, he knows he has made an impact on people.

"Music is my first language," he says. "It's the language I speak the most fluently."

Csaba brings his European influence and experience at UVic to an event called the SALT New Music Festival with colleagues and students in Victoria. It brings together composers and performers of contemporary music from around the world.

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International research:

Csaba Szakacs is involved in experimental music theatre, concert dramaturgy as creation, multimedia ensemble, classical music and contemporary music.

International activities:

Csaba Szakacs is involved in Mitteleuropäisches Kammerorchester Wien (Central-European Chamber Orchestra Vienna), Ensemble Tsilumos, Hungarian Soundpainting Orchestra.

Countries lived or worked in:

Csaba Szakacs has lived in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Netherlands and France.


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