Swayne, Leigh Anne

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 853-3723
Email: lswayne@uvic.ca
Department: Biology

Research description:

- Neural stem cells
- Neurogenesis
- Ion channels
- Neurodegenerative diseases
Expertise Profile
The brain and the nervous system are what Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne likes to call the "master controllers" of all bodily systems.

Electric signals in the brain control everything our body does, from walking or talking to simply breathing.

Dr. Swayne, an assistant professor in the Division of Medical Sciences at the University of Victoria, studies the brain and its functions at the molecular level.

She is particularly interested in ion channels, which are the pathways in and out of cells in the brain. Those pathways are regulated by certain proteins in the cell and are extremely important for cell signaling.

When something goes wrong in the brain, we realize how coordinated and complex a system it is. Dr. Swayne's recent research focuses on the regulation of stem cells in the brain, especially after a stroke.

Stem cells are unique unspecialized cells that can produce new cells, including neurons. Dr. Swayne's work at understanding the fundamental science of these cells may assist in the evaluation of specific ion channels as targets to promote brain repair.

She is a firm believer in basic science research as a pathway to discovery and innovation. In her lab and in her classes, Dr. Swayne emphasizes the need for both direct application and basic study - both are essential to understanding the mystery that is the human brain.

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Health related research:

Dr. Swayne studies identification of molecular targets for brain repair.

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