Strega, Susan



Phone number: (250) 721-8333
Department: School of Social Work

Research description:

- Violence against women
- Sex work and the sexual exploitation of children and youth
- Child welfare
- Research practices and methodologies
- Anti-oppressive practices and teaching

Expertise Profile
Whether she's advocating for parents or children caught up in child protection, or for more resources for street sex workers, Susan Strega does so with a deep sense of social justice.

Dr. Strega is a researcher in the School of Social Work whose current work is investigating the "demand side" of street sex work.

Along with two researchers from the sociology department, Helga Hallgrimsdottir and Steven Garlick, she is conducting face-to-face interviews with a mostly invisible population - male customers of street sex workers.

Their goal is to better understand the relationship between customer behaviour and masculinity, and how relationships between these men and the sex workers they patronize affect the experiences and trajectories of workers.

In a previous project, "Someone's Mother, Sister or Daughter," Dr. Strega and a Social Work research team - including Robina Thomas, Jeannine Carriere, and Leslie Brown - heard from street sex workers, and family members of street sex workers, in Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton about their lives, family relationships, and transitioning into and out of street sex work.

The team also collected and analysed media coverage of street sex work and the families of street sex workers. Among their findings, the team noted that research participants were active in resisting demeaning media coverage of workers, and advocated for themselves and other workers and family members.

Previous research projects focused on fathers and child welfare, young mothers in government care, and "failure to protect" practices and policies in child protection.

Dr. Strega's commitment to conducting research in socially just ways led her, with her colleague Leslie Brown, to edit a collection of work on socially just approaches to research, Research as resistance (CSPI, 2005). A second edition of this book is forthcoming.

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Dr. Strega has lived/worked in England.

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