Stinson, Danu

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-6281
Department: Psychology

Research description:

- Self-esteem, interpersonal relationships and well-being
- Consequences of differing social self-regulatory strategies for people's psychological, social, and physical well-being
Expertise Profile
When it comes to our well-being, having ongoing, positive relationships in our lives is almost as important as having food, water and shelter.

Dr. Danu Anthony Stinson in the Psychology Department at the University of Victoria studies self-esteem and relationships and how both can affect our well-being.

Dr. Stinson's research uses the sociometer model of self-esteem, which proposes that self-esteem reflects your perceived value to other people as a relationship partner.

Her experimental approach involves bringing people into her lab and having them react to controlled social scenarios, such as a meeting someone new for the first time.

One study underway now is looking at the connection between physiology - in this case, the body's arousal response to a given social situation - and self-esteem.

Another study that Dr. Stinson is particularly proud of was published in 2011 in Psychological Science. The experiment demonstrated that a short self-affirmation writing task improved social well-being up to two months after the initial lab visit.

Dr. Stinson teaches both introductory and advanced classes on close relationships, where students learn about the entire relationship life-cycle. She gives students organizing theories and examples from her own life and research.

Dr. Stinson believes we are all natural psychologists when it comes to relationships.

Health related research:

Dr. Stinson's research examines the links between self-esteem, quality of social bonds and well-being.

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