Stanger-Ross, Jordan

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Phone number: (250) 721-7283
Department: History

Research description:

- Race, immigration and inequality in North American cities
- The ideas and practices that have contributed to group cohesion (or the lack thereof) in 20th century cities
- Dispossession of Japanese Canadians in British Columbia

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Our past ideas about ethnic differences have shaped the urban environments that we inhabit, says historian Jordan Stanger-Ross.

Dr. Stanger-Ross studies the history of race and ethnicity in 20th-century North America and the history of cities, looking at the changes that occurred in how we perceive differences among us.

Currently, Dr. Stanger-Ross is Project Director of Landscapes of Injustice, a 7-year, $5 million collaborative initiative that brings together academics, community organizations, and museums to research and tell the history of the dispossession of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.

"The dispossession involved theft and government policy that forced the sale of all Japanese-Canadian property in British Columbia," he says. "It was done during a time of national crisis that accentuated the perceived differences among Canadians."

Dr. Stanger-Ross believes learning from the history of the 1940s is crucial, because there will always be moments of national crisis. "As we move toward an uncertain future, those moments will seem to accentuate differences among us," he adds.

Canadians take pride in the cultural diversity of their country, says Dr. Stanger-Ross, but it is also important to know how racism shaped government policies and everyday practice in the past. This history left marks that endure to today.

Dr. Stanger-Ross also hopes that his project, which includes Japanese-Canadian organizations, will bring a sense of justice to those most affected by dispossession.

He teaches his students to ask hard historical questions about present issues they care about and guides them through the process of using multiple research methods for their projects.

Dr. Stanger-Ross's past work includes his book, Staying Italian: Urban Change and Ethnic Life in Postwar Toronto and Philadelphia, which explores how local urban environments shaped the historical experience of ethnic community.

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Dr. Stanger-Ross has lived in the United States, Israel, and in Italy.


French, Hebrew, Italian

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