Shen, Yan

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-6312
Department: Business

Research description:

- Expatriates and international assignments
- Mentoring and developmental networks
- International human resource management
- Career success across different cultures

Experise Profile
The world is becoming increasingly global and different.

Dr. Yan Shen, assistant professor in the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria, examines careers across cultures.

She is working on a global careers project with many researchers from around the world. The first phase research is based on interviews with individuals from eleven different countries and three careers - nursing, business and blue collar work.

Employees are asked how they perceive their own career success and how they manage career transitions. Many admit that it's the relationships they maintain in and out of work that help them most.

Dr. Shen and her colleagues recently published a book based on their findings and intend to open the project up to more countries and cultures.

Another of Dr. Shen's projects focuses on expatriates - those people who leave their home to live and work in another country. She interviewed many people in China, Singapore, and the US about their cross-border transitions and the support systems they required for the move.

When she began her research, Dr. Shen noticed there wasn't much work being done in emerging countries, such as China. Now her work focuses specifically on these countries. Work values can vary greatly between cultures and it's important for organizations and individuals to understand those differences.

Dr. Shen's research on expatriates and cross-cultural careers won her the Best International Paper Award from the Academy of Management, Careers Division.

Students in her international business classes commented Dr. Shen on how informatively she prepares them for exchanges in other countries by bringing in her research on expatriates and cultural difference into the classroom.

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