Runions, Kevin

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (721) 250
Department: Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies

Research description:

- School-based social relationships (teacher-child and peer)
- Peer victimization and aggression
- Social information processing
- Education and developmental health
Expertise Profile
What makes children act aggressively to one another? Do the contexts and settings in which children interact influence aggression and bullying?

Dr. Kevin Runions, an assistant professor of educational psychology at the University of Victoria, studies children's social and emotional development, specifically aggression and victimization.

His most recent research focuses on online social networks and how they affect communication between young people. Do they afford opportunities for aggression that are different from those in a face-to-face setting?

Cyber bullying is increasingly talked about in the media, but many questions remain unasked. Dr. Runions hopes that if we analyze how people communicate online, and how communicating in cyberspace is different from other modes of communicating, we can develop more relevant interventions.

Dr. Runions other focus of research looks at the quality of relationships between teachers and children, and how these might influence peer dynamics in their classrooms, including bullying and victimization.

His results are fed directly back to his teacher education classes in the Faculty of Education and into professional development with teachers out in the field.

Dr. Runions hopes to help soon-to-be teachers understand the role their relationships have, not just on an individual child, but indirectly on how peers relate to that child too.

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