Rudnyckyj, Daromir

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-6273
Department: Anthropology

Research description:

- Relationship between political economy and Islam in contemporary Southeast Asia
- Islamic finance and alternative forms of capitalism
- Religious and spiritual reform
- Transnational labour migration

Expertise Profile
What gratifies Dr. Daromir Rudnyckyj the most when he teaches and conducts research on development and social change in Southeast Asia is the opportunity to shift perspectives.

He's an expert on two countries in particular, Indonesia and Malaysia. Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country and Malaysia is a global leader in the Muslim world in pursuing a model of moderate Islam conducive to economic growth.

Dr. Rudnyckyj says both countries are important in understanding how Muslims are trying to merge their religious practices with the demands of modern economic development.

His first book, "Spiritual Economies: Islam, Globalization and the Afterlife of Development," which examined how Muslims in Southeast Asia were devising a form of Islam conducive to globalization, earned a prize from the American Ethnological Society, North America's oldest professional association of anthropologists.

Dr. Rudnyckyj examined how Islamic practices were reinterpreted to be compatible with tips found in corporate motivational training programs and self-help books such as the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." Leaders of this movement argued that the Muslim prophet Muhammad was an ideal CEO and that required Islamic practices such as giving to charity were in fact directives to look for "synergy" and "win-win solutions."

Dr. Rudnyckyj challenged the common contention that religion in general, and Islam in particular, are resistant to change.

Currently, Dr. Rudnyckyj is documenting the innovative steps Malaysia is taking to create an "Islamic Wall Street" in Kuala Lumpur. Because Islam forbids the collection or payment of interest, experts are finding ways for Muslims to conduct business while actively engaging with an increasingly globalized world. One of the questions he is pursuing is whether Islamic finance offers lessons for North American and European countries in wake of the ongoing financial crises that have swept these regions in recent years.

In his classes and lectures, Dr. Rudnyckyj's work is challenging the misconceptions that people have about Southeast Asian countries and Islam. He enjoys seeing students learn to appreciate and understand the cultural diversity that characterizes each Asian country and the rapid social, economic, and cultural changes that are taking place in the region.

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Dr. Rudnyckyj has lived in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the United States.


Indonesian, Malay, Dutch

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