Roy, Real


Phone number: (250) 472-5071
Department: Biology

Research description:

My research focus is on the ecology and diversity of bacteria in the natural environment. I am currently doing research on bacteria that can grow from methane gas, a greenhouse gas emitted in landfill soils. I am also interested in soil bacteria that transforms nitrogen, an important plant nutrient.

Health related research:

I am starting research on survival of fecal coliforms in soil. These coliforms are good indicators of fecal contamination of water. This is an important public health issue in Canada.

Countries lived or worked in:

I studied Mandarin Chinese in the People's Republic of China. I lived in Germany as a Post-Doctoral Fellow where I did research at the Max-Planck Institute.



Community projects

I do research on soil bacteria involved in the transformation of nitrogen or the transformation of methane gas. I am conducting research at the Hartland Landfill soil on methane-eating bacteria. I am also studying nutrients in the soil of the Sooke watershed.

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