Popadiuk, Natalee

Associate professor


Phone number: (250) 721-7809
Email: popadiuk@uvic.ca
Department: Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies

Research description:

- International student transition and adjustment
- Institutional support of international students
- Diversity, including the intersection of gender, ethnicity, and social class
- Feminist and interpersonal/relational theories
- Qualitative inquiry
Expertise Profile
International students arriving in Canada or the US face many demands that can profoundly affect their success and sense of health and wellbeing in their new country.

Dr. Natalee Popadiuk, Associate Professor in the Counselling Psychology Program at the University of Victoria, attempts to better understand the experiences of these international students.

In particular, Dr. Popadiuk is interested in how relationships affect a student's ability to adjust to their new surroundings.

Traditionally, culture shock has been the typical model used to describe difficulties in adjusting or transitioning. However, Dr. Popadiuk has found that the major psychological and emotional ups and downs that students experience in a new country often have more to do with the relationships they leave behind, and the ones they make or don't make in Canada.

Using this perspective, Dr. Popadiuk is particularly interested in the strengths and successes of international students, as well as their university-to-work transitions. Both projects are meant to better inform universities, colleges and school districts on what they can do to better support international students and encourage them to stay in Canada after university.

Beyond the study of international students, Dr. Popadiuk's research is health-focused and based on her clinical practice as a Registered Psychologist. She has looked into overseas trauma counsellor experiences, women's experiences of treatment for breast cancer, as well as, separately, issues related to suicide and suicide prevention.

This spring, she will begin a new project about the experiences of sibling death and bereavement during childhood.

Dr. Popadiuk has worked extensively in the field as an educator at the secondary and post-secondary levels, and as a psychologist providing therapy for adolescents, couples and adults.

In her classes at UVic, Dr. Popadiuk brings relevant and practical information to her graduate students about what it is like to be a counsellor working in the field.

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