Oshkai, Peter

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-8922
Email: poshkai@me.uvic.ca
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Research description:

-Unsteady fluid flows
-Flow-acoustic coupling
-Fluid-structure interactions
Expertise Profile
How can the beating of dragonfly wings or the propelling of fish tails help engineers design better mechanical devices?

Mechanical engineer Peter Oshkai and his colleagues are figuring that out. Dr. Oshkai studies fluid mechanics, which deals with the flow of liquids and gases and the boundaries that constrict them, such as pipes.

More specifically, he looks at the interactions between moving fluids and submerged objects,

Dr. Oshkai uses high-speed photo imaging techniques that capture series of flow images. Because movement of gas is invisible to the naked eye, he injects fine particles in his experiments to track the fluid motion and analyze it using computers.

Animal-inspired experiments include modeling the propulsion force of tuna and shark tails, analyzing the flow patterns to design systems that have wide-ranging applications.

His research contributes insights into how aircraft and wind turbines can be improved to reduce noise pollution, how the science of mixing can benefit the release of drugs into the bloodstream, or how safer pipelines can be designed for gas transportation.

The interdisciplinary nature of fluid dynamics and its relevance to everyday life appeals to a broad range of students. Whichever application they decide to pursue, Dr. Oshkai teaches them the fundamentals of math and physics and links the theory.

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Health related research:

Development of experimental techniques for design and assessment of replacement heart valves.

Countries lived or worked in:

-U.S.A. -Russia



Community projects

Dr. Oshkai is involved in research of prosthetic heart valves with Vivitro Systems Inc. on Vancouver Island.

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