Nelson, Trisalyn


Phone number: (250) 472-5620
Department: Geography

Research description:

My primary research interests include: the development and application of methods for spatial analysis, spatial-temporal pattern analysis, and geographic information science.

I am interested in using spatial analysis to answer applied questions that relate to the natural and human environments. Through collaborative research I develop methods and apply spatial analysis to address issues relating to mountain pine beetle epidemics, large area forest inventories, marine mammals, climate modelling, and dendrochonological networks.

Currently I lead the Spatial Pattern Analysis and Research Laboratory ( and am conducting several studies on the spatial-temporal investigation of mountain pine beetle epidemics at a landscape scale.

Health related research:

I am interested in transporting experience gained from the spatial analysis of mountain pine beetle infestations to other emerging diseases and epidemics. As rare diseases occur more frequently, experience gained from forestry epidemics, which are typically characterized by a high proportion of the population being infected, will be increasingly useful for studies of human diseases.

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