Nair, Sudhir

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-6414
Department: Business

Research description:

- Professional service firms
- Knowledge management
- Emerging market firms

Expertise Profile
Remember drawing an invisible line as a child and telling others not to cross it?

Dr. Sudhir Nair, professor of international business, looks at what happens when business organizations cross that line and share their knowledge with other organizations.

More specifically, Dr. Nair studies the crossing of two kinds of borders. Why is it common practice for firms to hire outside consultants to solve problems within their organization? That means having professionals cross organizational boundaries.

Second, what are the consequences when firms seek opportunities abroad? That would entail crossing geographical boundaries.

Dr. Nair explores these questions, focusing on how organizations share their knowledge in an environment where there's a difference in culture. He is especially interested in emerging countries such as India who are gaining widespread influence abroad.

In one project, Dr. Nair looked at how emerging countries needed to gain legitimacy for their ideas to be globally accepted. He wants business organizations or people in general to think twice before rejecting ideas and business practices simply based on their country of origin.

Instead, emerging entrepreneurs from countries such as India or China present valuable lessons to learn from, which can be used to improve business practices in our own country.

Dr. Nair takes a hands-on approach to teaching, one that has earned him the best teaching award for 2013 at the Gustavson School of Business. He makes learning a more memorable experience by having his students run simulated companies in which teams handle multiple issues.

"I can't replicate that experience by simply talking about the subject and asking them to think about it," he says.

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International research:

Dr. Nair's research examines knowledge management in emerging market firms with a specific emphasis on Indian firms.

Countries lived or worked in:

Dr. Nair has lived in India and the USA.


Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu

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