Nahachewsky, James

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-7780
Department: Curriculum and Instruction

Research description:

- The impact of changing textual ecologies, particularly shifts in the book, on teaching and learning in our digital age
- New literacy studies
- Born digital students
- E-books, e-reader technology and iPads
- Curriculum theory and design
- Young adult literature and media

Expertise Profile
Tablets, e-readers and other digital devices are changing our notion of literacy within classrooms and beyond, says language and literacy professor James Nahachewsky.

Dr. Nahachewsky is researching how different digital media and platforms are used as learning tools and how they affect the way students read and write in an evolving digital age.

Young learners benefit by becoming the experts on both the technology and the texts they encounter, and can engage in a more personalized learning experience.

One of Dr. Nahachewsky's projects looks at the impact of e-reader technology on the literacy of "born digital" high school students. He's also working on a study examining the use of Web 2.0 learning platforms by undergraduate education students.

Platforms such as tablets include various interactive features that can be helpful in grabbing and holding the interest of reluctant readers, he says.

Governments and businesses need to adapt to 21st-century learners who are understanding material and expressing themselves differently - an effect that is rippling through the way people interact with each other.

In the Faculty of Education where he teaches, Dr. Nahachewsky draws from his research experience to inform his students about the practice of education as being focused more on mentorship than on authority in the classroom.

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Community projects

Dr. Nahachewsky is co-investigator in a research project entitled "Teaching for the 21st Century," which is examining born digital students' interaction with E-book technology at WestShore School in local School District #62.

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