McGuire, Michael

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-8684
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research description:

-Signal processing technologies for advanced wireless networks
-Model-based and adaptive filtering
-Digital signal processing and wireless network control
-Communication and information theory
-Communications networks and systems
-Radar and navigations
-Telecommunication technologies
Expertise Profile
Early in his career, electrical engineer Michael McGuire noticed that although there were various creative algorithms being invented for computer systems, not many made it to hardware applications that could solve real-life problems.

Combining a background in computer engineering with expertise in electrical engineering, Dr. McGuire studies how digital signals, such as radio and wireless communications, can be captured and directed at specific devices without restricting user mobility, especially amid all the interference in the environment.

For example, GPS technology is quite effective in outdoor environments, but performs very poorly indoors, says Dr. McGuire. His research group is developing techniques to accurately locate handheld communication devices using radio waves, even when the device is indoors. His team has shown that indoor wireless stations can usually be located to within three metres.

At a time when users demand more connectivity, especially as we engage in more video communication, the need for better data processing between communication devices grows.

Dr. McGuire seeks to engineer systems that can allow devices to better connect to wireless frequencies while taking into consideration personal security issues as well as health concerns related to radio waves.

When teaching engineering students, Dr. McGuire engages them in design projects to stress the link between mathematical equations and their applications to real-life problems.

International activities:

Member of the IEEE

Countries lived or worked in:

The United States

Software development

Dr. McGuire is developing simulators of wireless networks. Specifically, he is generating simulations of ad hoc wireless networks and wireless sensor networks.

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