McGregor, Catherine


Phone number: (250) 721-7823
Department: Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies

Research description:

My doctoral work illustrated the connections between civic agency, aesthetic production and social/civic change among youth in a northern BC community. I am currently a collaborator with Dr. Wanda Cassidy (SFU Centre for Education, Law and Society) in a project designed to extend our understandings of how youth develop civic and legal literacies. This project will explore a range of youth civic activities in both Victoria and Vancouver.

I have extended this field of inquiry into teacher education, exploring the relationships between pre-service teacher beliefs about agency, civic and social justice learning, school/community based learning, aesthetic and technological production practices, and its intersection with notions of teacher leadership, and democratic inclusion. Discourse theory, sociocultural learning theory, critical pedagogies and practices, and semiotic analysis inform this work.

I am also interested in gender and leadership; democratic and social justice leadership; and the relationships between leadership and educational policy. In particular, I focus on how policy environments are products of social, cultural, historical and political discourses, and consider how deconstructing social, cultural and institutional norms and expectations provide opportunities for educational policy makers and teacher leaders to create more inclusive, socially just schools and communities.

In the field of research methodology, my work fits within the qualitative, interpretive, post modern /post structuralist paradigm; I am most interested in auto-ethnographic, narrative,and critical ethnography, as well as aesthetic forms of research and representation.

International research:

In December 2007 Dr. Darlene Clover (PI) and myself (Co-Applicant) were awarded a SSHRC grant to develop an international comparative study of women politicians and non formal and informal learning in Canada and India. This project will investigate the links between political leadership, gender, and non formal education in both Canada and India.

Community projects

I am a collaborator in a research project led by the SFU Centre for Education, Law and Society. This three year project, (beginning in 2008) will focus on how youth between the ages of 13-19 develop civic and legal literacies. I will be the lead investigator in a civic literacy project with the Greater Victoria Youth Council; subject to ethical application and approval, the project will begin in February, 2008.

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