McGhie-Richmond, Donna


Phone number: (250) 721-7817
Department: Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies

Research description:

My research examines the nature of and interrelationship among teacher factors (i.e, knowledge, skills, attitudes, beliefs, and efficacy) and teaching practices and their corresponding influence on student participation and learning outcomes in inclusive classrooms. I have particular experience and interest with students who have significant, complex disabilities and the role of instructional and assistive technologies in supporting student and teacher development. My research extends nationally and internationally and is primarily collaborative.

International research:

I am a collaborator on a 5-year CIDA-funded project supporting the Ukraine in moving towards a more inclusive education system and society. I have been engaged in university-level curriculum and course development focused on preparing pre-service and graduate teachers to teach students who have special needs and who are moving to inclusive classrooms. I provide support to educational policy development and am supporting Ukraine teachers in conducting action research.

International activities:

1. I am involved in developing a Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education. The Centre will provide a national hub for collaborative university/community partnered research and dissemination relative to teaching students who have special needs. 2. I am a member of the International Inclusive Teacher Education Research Panel. This panel comprises researchers from Australia, Hong Kong, England, Ireland, Mexico, and Canada with the aim of forging international networking, development, and research focused on inclusive teacher education. We are engaged in international collaborative research projects and publication.

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