McDonough, Graham


Phone number: (250) 721-7779
Department: Curriculum and Instruction

Research description:

- Philosophy of Education
- Moral Education
- Dissent
- Minority Rights
- Religious Education and Catholic Education
- Religion/Spirituality in Schools
- Philosophy in High Schools

Expertise Profile
You can express disagreement on an issue while remaining part of the larger group with which you disagree, says Dr. Graham McDonough.

The philosophy of education professor studies dissent - how we treat the people who speak out against the popular views of society or groups within it, and in a way that benefits other minority members who are oppressed by the majority group.

Specifically, Dr. McDonough looks at dissent in the context of religious education in publicly-funded Catholic schools. Some Catholic students and parents in these schools experience frustration because the church disapproves of artificial contraception and considers homosexuality "disordered." Others perceive a lack of support when their complaints that the school is "not Catholic enough" seem to have no impact.

His book, Beyond Obedience and Abandonment: Toward a Theory of Dissent in Catholic Education, further explores these inner conflicts and challenges 21st-century Catholic schools to provide more support for dissenting views. Doing so will overcome the limitations of thinking that there is only one way to be Catholic.

"I would love to see more examples of diversity within religious groups or in any group generally so that one spokesperson who has a lot of control doesn't necessarily speak for everybody," he says.

Dr. McDonough likes to "put the experience before the theory" when teaching the philosophy of education. Students engage in role-playing and then discuss the merits, contributions and treatment of the minority view.

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