McBurney, W. Kurt

Assistant Teaching Professor


Phone number: (250) 472-5536
Department: Medical Sciences

Research description:

- Gross anatomy
- Human anatomy instruction
- Management of instructional laboratories
- Outreach education
- Suturing

Expertise Profile
You could say that Kurt McBurney helps save lives every day, through the hands of his medical students, that is.

McBurney is an assistant teaching professor in the Division of Medical Sciences, where he guides 32 first- and 32 second-year students in the medical program through the foundations of "gross anatomy" - parts of the human body as seen with the naked eye - on paper and on cadavers.

Throughout the year, McBurney supervises a total of 64 medical students as they dissect various parts of the body. He also teaches neuroanatomy (the brain and spinal cord) and suturing - the art of stitching.

These 32 students a year become the doctors of tomorrow, saving lives in hospital wards with teams of doctors and nurses, participating in surgeries and diagnoses. The foundation in anatomy gives them the skills for practising in their third and fourth years.

"One of the foundations of medicine is in anatomy," he says. "It's about knowing where organs are in the body, how they work normally and what happens when they don't."

McBurney also gives presentations to community groups that visit the medical school - including elementary school-children, the Science Venture summer camps and prospective Aboriginal medical students - sharing information on the unique aspects of the program and how they can prepare to become medical students.

Community projects

McBurney is involved in outreach education, giving presentations to elementary, middle and high school students, prospective Aboriginal medical students and other professionals at UVic.

McBurney also co-leads suturing skills teaching sessions with local surgeons.

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