Mazumder, Asit

NSERC Industry Research Chair


Phone number: (472) 4789
Department: Biology

Research description:

Research Description
Ecology of freshwater and marine ecosystems in fisheries and water quality

Expertise Profile
My long-term research interest is to understand and model nutrient-foodweb dynamics of freshwater and marine ecosystems, and associated patterns of water quality, fisheries productivity, fate and transport of nutrients, energy and contaminants along aquatic foodwebs, and aquatic diversity. My research team has been conducting research on the ecology of juvenile salmon in coastal marine ecosystems of BC. My other major interest has been to link ecological understanding to aquatic resource management, and sustainable clean and healthy water for public health and safety. We have been working in partnership with several regional water supply authorities and small and rural communities' water systems on Vancouver Island, interior BC, Quebec and Newfoundland. We have been developing science and decision-making tools to reduce microbial and chemical health risks in source and tap water through best land- and water-use practices, optimization of disinfection by-products and through tracking sources of microbial and chemical pollution of source water.

Related Links

Health related research:

Our drinking water research links directly to public health through epidemiology, modelling waterborne disease, health risks from disinfection byproducts, algal toxins and pharmaceuticals in drinking water and aquatic environment.

International research:

Environmental quality and aquaculture feed potentials of inter-tidal ecosystems in Venezuela; Water and watershed modelling research at CSIRO in Australia; Nutrient-foodweb dynamics of sockeye salmon and marine-freshwater linkages in southwestern Alaska.

International activities:

Bacterial source tracking research in collaboration with University of Washington and Indiana University. Lake eutrophication research in collaboration with South Florida Water Management District.

Countries lived or worked in:

Bangladesh, India, Alaska, Venezuela, and the US (Alaska and Florida).


French, a little Spanish, and Bengali

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