Marshall, E. Anne



Phone number: (250) 721-7815
Department: Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies

Research description:

-Adolescent identity and mental health
-Indigenous cultural identity
-Career transitions
-Cultural identity
-Counsellor skill development
-Community-based research
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For most young people, the first day of university or a new job is usually a blur of excitement and anxiety as they enter a world of more freedom and responsibility.

Mental health psychologist Anne Marshall studies the transitional experiences of adolescents and young adults. She's working with colleagues at UVic and the University of Toronto on a study that demonstrates how the transitional experiences of Indigenous youth are both similar to and different from those of other Canadian youth.

"We're looking at the relationship aspect," she says. "For most Indigenous youth, relationships are a key part--for many the biggest part--of any decision they make about their lives. But many non-Indigenous youth are a bit more individually focused like following your career path or making decisions that you think are right for you."

Dr. Marshall researches youth transitions because she believes that children are our future: "the decisions they make now will have an impact not only on their own future, but their families and the country, so it is important to support them to make good decisions."

Dr. Marshall also played a pivotal role in developing UVic's master's program in Indigenous Communities Counselling Psychology, the only one of its kind in Canada. "There's a real need for counselling in Aboriginal communities, but the people have some different needs because of their historical background and issues around colonization and continual changes in how they are housed and treated and supported," she says. The program bears many similarities to the existing graduate counselling program, but with a focus on Aboriginal values and priorities, so that it can blend their traditional knowledge with Western knowledge.

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Health related research:

All of Dr. Marshall's research projects are related to mental health and well-being for individuals, families and/or communities.

International activities:

Dr. Marshall has been a Visiting Scholar in Thailand and the People's Republic of China, presenting lectures and workshops on career development and career counselling.



Community projects

Dr. Marshall is part of the following four research projects relating to Victoria and Vancouver Island:
Coasts Under Stress
Healthy Youth in a Healthy Society
Paths to the Future
Knowledge Translation in a Community Alliance for Health Research Project

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