Mallidou, Anastasia

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 472-5663
Department: Aging, Centre on

Research description:

Health services research;
Organizational context & its impact on user, provider, & system outcomes;
Quantitative research methods;
Systematic reviews;
Knowledge translation in the healthcare sector;
Leadership and health policy;
Healthcare systems;
Long-term care facilities (nursing homes);
Interdisciplinary education and collaboration.
Expertise Profile
Anastasia Mallidou examines nurses' competencies to translate knowledge--re-word scientifically worded research in everyday language-to see if nurses can incorporate new healthcare research into their practise. She ascertains what nurses already know about research methods and investigates whether they can use that knowledge to critically evaluate recent research.

Not all research findings are trustworthy. Sometime, research is not conducted properly, so nurses need to evaluate how trustworthy a conclusion is before deciding to change their practice. To do so, they need to understand research methods. However, many nurses are intimidated by research, especially quantitative research; Dr. Mallidou says: "We need to teach students about research in a way that does not scare them."

When she has completed her research, Dr. Mallidou will know how we should revise nursing education to help nurses continuously make good clinical decisions based on current evidence.

Dr. Mallidou is also looking for ways to reduce the use of anti-psychotic drugs senior citizens take. She says that many seniors use anti-psychotics to treat dementia, but such expensive drugs have severe side-effects. She is researching how socialization or music might or other simple non-pharmacological interventions reduce the symptoms of dementia, so that seniors won't need to use anti-psychotic drugs to the same extent.

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Community projects

The "Take the Pressure Down" (TPD) project was initiated and funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon (HSFBCY) in collaboration with Beacon Community Services (BCS). The TPD pilot study aimed to increase community awareness of cardiovascular diseases, in particular hypertension and related lifestyle choices; to offer volunteer services for blood pressure screening in community clinics; and to provide high quality and effective health education and promotion services to the citizens of the Greater Victoria and surrounding communities focused on lifestyle behaviours to reduce risk for hypertension. Dr. Mallidou's research team has been involved in analyzing the data that were collected by volunteers who run the community clinics; in assessing the state of the collected data, and in proposing next steps for the TPD study. Dr. Mallidou's team is also prepared to collaborate with the HSFBCY and volunteers for the next steps of the TPD project.

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