Macleod, Colin

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-7521
Department: Philosophy

Research description:

- Contemporary moral and political philosophy (especially theories of justice, children's rights and democratic ethics)
- Philosophy of law
Expertise Profile
For Dr. Colin Macleod, philosophy is as much about connecting to real on the ground problems as it is about debating an idea.

Dr. Macleod conducts research in democratic ethics and theory and examines the responsibilities of the various groups that make up a democratic society - citizens, politicians, political strategists and the media.

He has extensive knowledge of law and politics, which allows him to comment on the equality and morality of our own democratic system here in Canada.

His hope is to engage his students and society in considering what "justice" really means. How can we create a more just society?

Much of Dr. Macleod's work focuses on children and family justice and children's rights.

One research project looks at justice in the education system. The study considers what access to educational resources - like textbooks and school supplies - children in a just society should have.

Another project considers the place of religion in US public education.

Dr. Macleod is one of the founders of the Consortium on Democratic Constitutionalism (DEMCON) at UVic. The consortium is an interdisciplinary and international group of legal, political and social theorists who work on questions of constitutional theory, design and practice.

Dr. Macleod has published multiple articles and volumes on various subjects including contemporary moral and political philosophy, justice and equality, democratic theory, the nature of law, and children's rights.

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United States, Scotland

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Colin Macleod takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
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