Livingston, Nigel


Phone number: (250) 721-7121
Department: Centre for Forest Biology

Research description:

I conduct research on the interaction between trees and their physical environment- specifically, the factors that determine and control carbon exchange and water use.

I conduct research on developing assistive technologies for those with disabilities

Health related research:

As described above, my UVATT work is directly related to health issues.

International research:

Some of my UVATT work is done in collaboration with agencies in the U.K., Australia and Germany.

Countries lived or worked in:

I am originally from the U.K. I worked in New Zealand for 6 months in 1996.

Software development

Much of the UVATT work involves software development, ranging from signal processing (brainwave research), control systems (eye tracking) or programming microprocessors.

Community projects

I have these two distinct areas of research:

Forest Biology:
I investigate the interaction between trees and their physical environment. Specifically how they respond to changes in the weather. I look at the factors that determine carbon uptake (net photosynthesis) and water use (transpiration) and the role of forests in mitigating climate change.
I work with seedlings or trees. In the lab I use sophisticated chambers where the environment can be very precisely controlled. In the field I use large towers that are instrumented to measure changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide and water vapour.

The second area of research involves assistive technology. I am the director of UVATT - the University of Victoria Assistive Technology Team. The aim of this group is to develop devices and technology that will improve the lives of people with disabilities. We have a wide range of projects that range from the development of a brainwave communication system to the development of bikes for blind children.

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