Littlewood, Cedric

Associate Professor


Department: Greek and Roman Studies

Research description:

- Classical Latin literature
- Silver Latin poetry
- Senecan intertextuality

Expertise Profile
We define ourselves by echoing the texts our predecessors left behind, says Cedric Littlewood, a specialist in Latin language and literature.

Dr. Littlewood believes the classics have influenced and continue to shape Western society. His research, which focuses on the "Silver Age" of Latin literature during the middle of the 1st century AD, looks at imperial Roman poetry written in the reign of the emperor Nero.

More specifically, Dr. Littlewood studies and contributes new insights on the renowned philosopher and poet Seneca, whose drama would provide an important model for the tragedies of the Renaissance.

Dr. Littlewood is interested in how Seneca's tragedies echoed and engaged with literary texts of an earlier period.

"Writers of the Silver Age modelled themselves on and defined themselves against writers of the earlier Augustan Age," says Dr. Littlewood, who examines this reshaping of texts in his research.

His book on the tragedies of Seneca, published in 2004, is his most cited accomplishment. He is currently involved in co-editing a volume called The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Nero.

Dr. Littlewood believes that remembering the past to reshape the present is important to help understand ourselves - a notion he brings to his classes. He helps students see how writers of much later periods - like Alexander Pope in the 18th century - are part of a continuing Classical tradition.

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Dr. Littlewood has lived and worked in England and Ireland.

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