Lepp, Annalee

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-6157
Email: alepp@uvic.ca
Department: Women\'s Studies

Research description:

- Canadian gender, family, and legal history
- The history of marital breakdown and domestic violence in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Canada
- Trafficking in persons and irregular cross-border movements from a human rights perspective
- Transnational labour migration
Expertise profile
Human trafficking has generated a great deal of international attention over the last ten years.

Dr. Annalee Lepp studies human trafficking in Canada and the policies and practices that attempt to combat it.

Dr. Lepp is the chair of the Women's Studies department at the University of Victoria and the co-founder and current director of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women Canada. She uses a human rights centric, "do no harm" approach to research and advocacy.

What this means, says Dr. Lepp, is taking a critical perspective when it comes to policies and practices around human trafficking.

It also means taking into account those marginalized groups that might be affected by a policy, such as more stringent border control. What does that mean for refugee claimants? What does that mean for racial and gender profiling at the border?

Since 1997, Dr. Lepp has participated in human trafficking crisis intervention, advocacy, and various funded research projects.

By incorporating research on community activism into the classroom at UVic, she invites debate on today's pressing issues.

Trained as a historian, Dr. Lepp's historical research focuses on Canadian gender, family, and legal history and most specifically the history of marital breakdown and domestic violence.

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