Lau, Francis



Phone number: (250) 472-5131
Department: School of Health Information Science

Research description:

-Health informatics
-Information communication technologies in the health care sector
-Primary care and palliative, end-of-life care
Expertise Profile
Health informatics scientist Francis Lau is among a group of researchers across Canada who are leading health care into the digital age by ensuring that computer systems work effectively the way they were designed, implemented and used.

Electronic medical records(EMRs) keep track of a patient's medical history and can improve care by allowing all practitioners involved to share and get access to the same information.

Dr. Lau assesses whether EMRs make a positive difference in the primary care secton--in doctor's offices and clinics. He notes how systems are set up in offices, measures the quality of information being stored and if these data are helpful for practitioners to make decisions.

"Information needs to be captured completely, consistently and accurately and should be readily available to doctors and nurses, especially in cases of emergency," he says.

Dr. Lau has dedicated much of his research efforts to a specific sector--palliative care, where patients live the last few years of their life.

While a research chair for the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Dr. Lau also created an eHealth observatory at UVic--a virtual lab where researchers monitor the impact of health information system deployment including EMRs in Canada.

In the School of Health Information Science, Dr. Lau provides his students with practical experience in information systems evaluation so that they can assess whether these tools are making a positive impact on society.

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Software development

Palliative information system and prostate cancer information system for patients.

Community projects

-Palliative care research with Victoria Hospice and Vancouver Island Health Authority.
-Prostate cancer research with BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Island Centre.

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