Kushniruk, Andre



Phone number: (250) 472-5132
Email: andrek@uvic.ca
Department: School of Health Information Science

Research description:

- Evaluation of the use and usability of information systems
- Design and evaluation methodologies
- Cognitive aspects of decision support systems
- Computerized patient record systems
- Intelligent information filtering
- Usability engineering
- Design of health care user interfaces and human-computer interaction in complex domains
Expertise Profile
As healthcare providers increasingly rely on automation and computer systems, usability becomes vital.

Dr. Andre Kushniruk, a professor in the School of Health Information Science at the University of Victoria, understands these systems and how people interact with them.

An expert on eHealth, telemedicine and consumer informatics such as digital health records and data analysis, he has developed simple, low-cost and portable video technology to evaluate patient flow systems to see where improvements can be made.

"It's all about usability and patient safety," says Dr. Kushniruk.

Sometimes he works with computer software companies, but most of his research involves working directly with public health authorities and national health bodies.

Dr. Kushniruk video records the interactions of doctors and nurses using systems in real or simulated situations and feeds that back to redesign processes or to better training methods.

He also teaches students who will go out into the real world and use these techniques, creating knowledge translation right in the classroom.

Trained in computer science, he teaches different types of computer modelling techniques adapted to health care.

Dr. Kushniruk has provided consultation to many of the top tier healthcare organizations in North America and internationally, providing support in implementing electronic health record systems.

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