Klimstra, Marc

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-8386
Email: klimstra@uvic.ca
Department: School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed

Research description:

- Biomechanics
- Exercise and rehabilitation
- Motor control of human movement in sport exercise and rehabilitation

Expertise Profile
Dr. Marc Klimstra studies how we move our bodies at two extreme ends of the kinetic spectrum - with elite athletes and the aging population, where movement is at its best or is starting to decline.

In a field of study more commonly known as biomechanics, the professor in exercise science and physical education uses advanced technology to observe and analyze the forces that act on and within the body during motion.

With techniques such as optical and inertial motion capture, small devices the size of a marble are attached onto specific areas of the body to detect motion, acceleration and balance. Dr. Klimstra uses these to understand how athletes can move faster while reducing the likelihood of getting injured.

Dr. Klimstra and his graduate students work closely with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, giving coaches comprehensive and applied feedback so that their teams can perform better.

In rehabilitation settings, Dr. Klimstra uses his findings to predict if someone is at risk of falling, informing clinicians on how they can evaluate their rehabilitation techniques.

Alongside departmental colleague Sandra Hundza, Dr. Klimstra has contributed to the understanding of how neurons, or nerve cells, change and deteriorate with age. With the rise in health care costs, he is deciphering what factors contribute to a fall and how falls can be prevented.

Dr. Klimstra brings his fascination for physics into the classroom by taking a multi-faceted approach to teaching biomechanics - through interactive activities, hands-on practice with technology and relevant knowledge that directly impacts the community.

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