Kim, Mijung

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (721) 6450
Department: Curriculum and Instruction

Research description:

- Science literacy and science inquiry
- Environment and sustainability
- Problem-based learning
- Scientific and socioscientific argumentation
Expertise Profile
When Dr. Mijung Kim began teaching at the university level, she noticed a gap in knowledge between the science education students were learning in school, and the social scientific issues that society was facing.

Students were bringing their own experiences, knowledge and even biases to issues like climate change and bioethics rather than depending solely on scientific evidence to back their claims.

This sparked her interest in how teachers approach students' knowledge integration and scientific problem solving in science education and how those teaching strategies could be adjusted to make classroom learning more relevant for today's society.

Dr. Kim currently works with a grade three class in Victoria where students are encouraged to make claims, provide evidence, and devise conclusions on real world scientific and environmental issues - in this case, salmon farming. She will be expanding the research soon to middle and secondary schools.

This process of claim, evidence, and conclusion is called argumentation and is part of problem based learning, an approach to education that focuses on students' reasoning skills.

Dr. Kim's research focuses on how students develop new knowledge through reasoning and how students negotiate socially to come up with the best solution to an issue.

Her conclusions find meaning in her teacher education classes at the University of Victoria. When she finds that an approach works well in school science classrooms, she teaches her university students to use those tools when they become science teachers themselves.

As environmental issues like climate change affect our lives more and more, Dr. Kim believes it is the teacher's role to prepare students to be global citizens who can face these issues head on.

International research:

Dr. Kim conducted an international research on scenario-based inquiry in science education.

Countries lived or worked in:

Korea, Singapore



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