Kerr, Kevin

Associate Professor


Department: Writing

Research description:

- Writing for stage and screen
- Multi-media performance
- Site-specific theatre
- Collaborative creation
- New media
Expertise Profile
Humans tell stories to organize their reality and navigate their way through the world.

That's the belief of playwright and screenwriter Kevin Kerr, an associate professor in the Department of Writing at the University of Victoria.

"Storytelling is just part of being human," he says.

A co-founder of Vancouver's Electric Company Theatre where he has co-written numerous plays, Kerr says theatre is about community building, human relationships and empathy.

Theatre is an empathy generator, he says. It pulls a person out of themselves and places them inside the perspective of someone else.

Kerr is especially interested in collaboration and collective creation. When teaching and in writing workshops, he encourages students to use the success of fellow writers as inspiration to do better themselves.

He is also a believer in mixed media performance and utilizing technology projections and film.

Kerr is currently developing a transmedia play for Electric Company in partnership with the HR MacMillan Space Centre that involves a time travel experience, uses smartphones, and has an online component. He is also writing for Circa 1948, a Virtual Reality Interactive Installation by Stan Douglas and produced by the National Film Board.

Next season Kerr has been invited by the theatre department at UVic to direct his play Unity (1918) which won the 2002 Governor General's Literary Award.

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Community projects

Kerr's research is in writing for stage, screen, and multi-media performance. As such, it may involve the local (Victoria/Vancouver Island) theatre and performing arts communities.

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