Jun, Martin

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 853-3179
Email: mbgjun@uvic.ca
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Research description:

- Miniature or micro-scale machine tool and systems
- Ultrafast laser-based manufacturing
- 5-axis freeform micro-machining
- Micro-scale manufacturing processes and systems
- Cutting mechanisms in micro-machining
- Cutting mechanics and dynamics
- Atomization-based cutting fluid application
- Sustainable green manufacturing
Expertise Profile
Dr. Martin Jun thinks of himself as a middle man.

When he first began research as a mechanical engineer, Dr. Jun discovered there was a growing gap between conventional scale manufacturing and the exciting work being done on the nanoscale.

How could nanoscale and microscale designs be implemented efficiently in the real world?

Today in his lab, Dr. Jun creates new manufacturing systems, similar to those that have existed at conventional scales for years but specially designed to fabricate small objects, in the range of a few microns to a few millimeters across.

Dr. Jun covers everything from theory to design to hands-on fabrication in his lab and in his classes at the University of Victoria. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the processes involved in manufacturing in order to create more efficient systems and better designs.

Dr. Jun's Laboratory for Advanced Multi-Scale Manufacturing has several diverse projects on the go, one of which involves component parts for three dimensional imaging catheters.

These catheters image your heart in 3D from inside your body. Dr. Jun and his lab team fabricate the three dimensional component parts that let the catheter rotate. They are one of the only labs in Canada with such a capability.

Dr. Jun's other research projects include a fibre-optic system designed to monitor carbon dioxide and an improved 3D printing system to manufacture scaffolds for growing bone implants.

Many advances in Dr. Jun's lab relate to sustainability and sustainable manufacturing. One day he hopes to be able to create a more efficient way of converting sunlight to energy using optical fibres.

Dr. Jun was one of 12 winners of the 2011 Society of Manufacturing Engineers Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, the only Canadian among the winners. He was also awarded the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers' I.W. Smith Award for Outstanding Achievements in 2012.

B.A.Sc. (UBC), M.A.Sc. (UBC), Ph.D. (UIUC)

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