Johnston, Stephen


Phone number: (250) 472-4481
Department: School of Earth & Ocean Sciences

Research description:

Research Description

Origin of mountain belts

Earth’s ever changing paleogeography

The role of mountain belts in the growth of continents, the evolution of the biosphere and the development of our atmosphere

Expertise Profile

I research the origin and evolution of mountain belts, including addressing their role in the growth of continents and the evolution of the biosphere and the atmosphere,using their development as a constraint on Earth’s ever changing paleogeography.

My research is rooted in field-based geological mapping of key parts of mountain belts, both modern and ancient. Multidisciplinary studies, including geophyscial investigations and geochemical and geochronological analyses are utilized to further constrain the geometry and evolution of mountain belts. Models of development and evolution of ancient earth crust are tested against (1) tectonically active modern analogues, including the Apennines of southern Italy, and the Melanesian region of the southwest Pacific, and (2) geodynamic, geometric, climate and thermal models.

International research:

I have ongoing projects in South Africa, Italy-Switzerland, and the Australia-Melanesian region.

International activities:

I participate on a number of International Geological Correlation projects.

Countries lived or worked in:

The Netherlands (1989-90) South Africa (1996 - 1999) Switzerland (2005) Spain (2008)


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Community projects

I study the tectonic evolution of Vancouver Island and of the adjacent basins.

UVic Speakers bureau

Stephen Johnston takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
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