Jacobs, Peter

Assistant Professor


Email: pejacobs@uvic.ca
Department: Linguistics

Research description:

- Research on all aspects of Skwxwu7mesh (including phonetics, phonology, syntax and semantics, and pragmatics)
- Research on all aspects of Kwakw'ala (including phonetics, phonology, syntax and semantics, and pragmatics)
- Specialization in Indigenous language revitalization
- Master-apprentice programs
Expertise Profile
First Nations languages in Canada are part of an international movement in Indigenous language revitalization after years of declining use. New ways of teaching these languages is becoming increasingly important.

Dr. Jacobs is a linguist and language revitalization expert: his 20-year career, in his own Skwxwu7mesh (Squamish) First Nations community and now at the University of Victoria, is guided by his commitment to Indigenous language revitalization.

Over his 20 year tenure working in the Squamish community, Dr. Jacobs proudly acted as editor-in-chief and collaborated with community members to publish a learner friendly bilingual Squamish-English dictionary.

He is currently researching models for Indigenous adults learning their own languages as adults, with particular focus on master-apprentice programs. Instead of traditional classroom learning, these programs see a younger adult paired with an elder for a year or two and taught the language through immersion.

He teaches in the Graduate Certificate and Master's program in Indigenous Language Revitalization, which enables students to develop the skills to create and lead successful language projects in their communities.

Growing up belonging to two First Nations communities - Skwxwu7mesh and Kwagulh (from Fort Rupert) - Dr. Jacobs was always taught lessons through stories. He hopes this unique perspective to learning can be brought to his teaching here at UVic.

As language revitalization efforts continue to grow, Dr. Jacobs is interested in measuring the outcomes to bring more attention to the need for language revitalization teaching in Canada.
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